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New America in Broadband Reports | 'Verizon Announces Open Access Conference'

January 22, 2008

Verizon Announces Open Access Conference(BroadbandReports.com)

...Today the company announced they'll be hosting an Open Development conference in March, hosted by a think tank named the New America Foundation. Verizon's Open Development Initiative will use the conference to promote and discuss Verizon's plans to encourage development of devices capable of running on Verizon's CDMA network.

Michael Calabrese in Sacramento Bee | 'FCC auction to reshape telecom?'

January 2, 2008
FCC auction may reshape telecom field (Sacramento Bee)
Unlike traditional cell phone or Wi-Fi signals, the 700-MHz spectrum can sneak through concrete walls, foliage, heavy rain and other barriers to wireless reception. "It's why you can get TV in your basement with rabbit ears," said Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Program at the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank. ...

Michael Calabrese in Chicago Tribune on Smart-Radio Technology

December 26, 2007

...Arguments that smart radios cannot use white space without causing TV interference are off the mark, said Michael Calabrese, vice president of the New America Foundation. The U.S. military uses this technology, he said.

One segment of radio spectrum controlled by the Department of Defense for radar transmissions is open to sharing with unlicensed devices in much the same way proposed for TV white space, Calabrese said. This month, the UK approved a digital TV white-space sharing plan similar to the one at the FCC.

New America, Ethos Group Wi-Fi Case Study in Broadband Reports

December 16, 2007
When discussing the state of municipal Wi-Fi in Philadelphia, the conversation is almost always about whether or not Earthlink is going to hold up its end of the deal and build out the system. (That seems unlikely in the face of their recent Philly no-show.) However, The Ethos Group has taken a broader view of Philadelphia’s municipal wireless system. They’ve published a 64-page report (pdf) which reviews the entire history of the system.

Michael Calabrese in eWeek on White Space Devices

December 13, 2007

Beset with preliminary technical woes and a lack of political traction in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission, a new organization started up on Dec. 12 to promote the unlicensed use of interference buffer spectrum between television channels.

The Wireless Innovation Alliance, a coalition of technology companies, public interest advocates, think tanks and higher education groups, said it hopes to work with Congress and the FCC to develop regulations for the use of the spectrum known as "white spaces."

MuniWireless Covers Wireless Future Event and Research Paper

December 13, 2007

The Ethos Group's report, "The Philadelphia Story: Learning from a Municipal Wireless Pioneer," has been posted on the New America Foundation's web site. The report is stirring debate and will continue to as the discussion of life-after-EarthLink moves forward. ...

New America's Municipal Wireless Report in The Bulletin (Philadelphia)

December 12, 2007

By almost all reports, and there were a number of them yesterday, the attempt of EarthLink, Inc. to blanket Philadelphia with affordable wireless internet service is in trouble.

City Council is openly worried the city may be forced to take over and run the new citywide wireless network - perhaps as an exclusive provider for city employees without any public access.

New America in eWeek for Filing Text Messaging Petition

December 12, 2007

Consumer and public advocacy groups are urging the Federal Communications Commission to declare that text messages deserve the same nondiscriminatory treatment by telephone carriers as e-mail and voice messages.

In a petition filed with the FCC on Dec. 11, the groups claim: "Mobile carriers currently can and do arbitrarily decide what customers to serve and which speech to allow on text messages, refusing to serve those that they find controversial or that compete with the mobile carriers' services."

Michael Calabrese in IDG News on the 'White Space' Wireless Campaign

December 12, 2007

A coalition of technology vendors, consumer groups and think tanks has banded together to persuade the Federal Communications Commission to approve wireless devices that would operate in currently unused television spectrum.

The Wireless Innovation Alliance, which launched a Web site on Wednesday, is an expansion of the vendor-centric White Spaces Coalition, a group that has been pushing for the use of so-called white-space spectrum for wireless broadband services.

Technology Daily Quotes Michael Calabrese on TV White Space Debate

December 12, 2007

House lawmakers in both parties are stepping up pressure on the FCC to permit technology companies such as Dell, Google, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft to harness vacant broadcast spectrum in order to expand wireless, high-speed Internet access.

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