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New America in the News: 2008

New America staff and fellows appear regularly on radio and television, and are frequently quoted in media outlets of all types. A selection of that coverage is available below.

Mark Schmitt in National Journal's Blogometer | 'Preacher Vs. Warrior?'

January 10, 2008
The Preacher Vs. The Warrior? (The Hotline - National Journal)
Meanwhile, TAPPED's Mark Schmitt offers Obama some advice: [Obama] is falling into the tendency that many 'wine-track' candidates do of talking about his candidacy as if it were some sort of other-worldly cause: 'something happening,'...'it's about you,' etc.

Ghaith al-Omari on the Charlie Rose Show | 'Bush Visits the Middle East'

January 10, 2008
A Discussion About Bush's Visit to the Middle East (Charlie Rose - PBS)
A discussion about President Bush's visit to the Middle East with Dennis Ross, Special Middle East Coordinator under President Clinton & Ghaith al-Omari, Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation.

Peter Bergen on CNN | Pakistan Bombings Reach 'Unprecedented' Levels

January 9, 2008
Pakistan Bombings Reach 'Unprecedented' Level (CNN)
CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen says the number of suicide bombings in Pakistan has "reached unprecedented levels in the past year. Previously, Bergen says, such attacks were rare. ...

Ellen Seidman in American Banker | Obama's Bank-Issue 'Blank Slate'

January 9, 2008

Assessing Obama's Bank-Issue 'Blank Slate' (American Banker)
"When you start campaigning in places like Florida and California, where these issues are front and center, you will hear more about it," said Ellen Seidman, who ran the Office of Thrift Supervision under President Clinton and now directs the New America Foundation's Financial Services and Education Project. ...

Jim Pinkerton in The Detroit News | 'Pundits Probe GOP Hopefuls'

January 9, 2008
Pundits Probe GOP Presidential Hopefuls (Detroit News quotes James Pinkerton)
"But while nobody can doubt McCain's personal courage or dogged determination, we still must ask: Would a President McCain -- or any next president -- fully mobilize America for a possible confrontation with Pakistan, on top of our existing commitments and conflicts?"

Sherle Schwenninger Quoted in NY Times | News Analysis on the Economy

January 8, 2008
The Debate Over How and How Long - News Analysis on the Economy (New York Times)
“It would mean much more of the stimulus actually goes to creating jobs,” said Sherle R. Schwenninger, head of the economic growth program at the New America Foundation...

Michael Lind in Serbianna News | 'Enigma Behind U.S. Kosovo Policy'

January 8, 2008
Enigma Behind U.S. Kosovo Policy (Serbianna News)
In 1996, two New Republic editorial staff writers Jacob Heilbrunn and Michael Lind argued that the American commitment to the Islamic connection is so strong that the U.S. design is to make the Islamic world part of a new American empire and that the American support of Bosnian Muslims is part of the implementation of this plan. ...

'In NH, Bill Clinton Finds Less Spark' | Ted Widmer in NYTimes

January 7, 2008

In New Hampshire, Bill Clinton Is Finding Less Spark (New York Times)
At first it’s disorienting to see him anywhere that isn’t the center,” said Ted Widmer, a former speechwriter in the Clinton White House who is now a historian at Brown University. ....

Mark Schmitt in Financial Times | 'Obama Takes Lead'

January 4, 2008

The Financial Times did a story following the Iowa caucuses. (quoted Mark Schmitt)

Mr Obama, who described his win as a "defining moment in history" and a victory of "the politics of hope over the politics of fear", can also appeal in New Hampshire to a much larger population of independent voters than in Iowa, where they came out for him in record numbers as did younger voters.

Ghaith Al-Omari in Washington Post | 'Egypt Opens Its Borders'

January 3, 2008

Egypt opened its main crossing into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to allow more than 2,000 Palestinian pilgrims – including at least one official of the armed Hamas movement – to return to their homes there, outraging Israel in a growing dispute over border security. ...

Peter Bergen in The Nation (Pakistan) | 'Vote-Rigging Scheme Revealed'

January 3, 2008

Bhutto dossier reveals vote-rigging scheme (The Nation Online, Pakistan)
CNN analyst Peter Bergen noted, “There’s no reason to believe that she was killed because of this dossier, because the people behind her killing almost certainly are Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and they’ve got nothing to do with this elections.” ...


Peter Bergen in The New York Sun | 'Envoy's Slaying in Sudan'

January 3, 2008

The Bush administration is dispatching a joint Diplomatic Security-Federal Bureau of Investigation team to Khartoum to investigate the murder of an American diplomat working to promote democracy and changes in the electoral process in Sudan, John Granville. ...

Ted Widmer in The Washington Monthly Online | 'Ask Not'

January 3, 2008

Ask Not by Steve Benen (Political Animal of The Washington Monthly Online)
In a new web-only feature here at the Monthly, the New America Foundation's Ted Widmer, a foreign policy speechwriter for President Clinton in his second term, highlights the very different paths the two took on route to presidential campaigns. ...

New America in Roll Call | 'Moderate Graybeards Need Top 10 Agenda'

January 3, 2008
Moderate Graybeards Need a Top 10 Agenda (Roll Call)
One possible model is the New America Foundation's proposed "progressive consumption tax," which would base taxes on the difference between income and savings, with rates rising with income. ...

Michael Calabrese in Sacramento Bee | 'FCC auction to reshape telecom?'

January 2, 2008
FCC auction may reshape telecom field (Sacramento Bee)
Unlike traditional cell phone or Wi-Fi signals, the 700-MHz spectrum can sneak through concrete walls, foliage, heavy rain and other barriers to wireless reception. "It's why you can get TV in your basement with rabbit ears," said Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Program at the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank. ...

Steve Clemons in The New Republic | U.S. Foreign Policy with Cuba

January 2, 2008
The Failed Policy That Won't Die (The New Republic)
And as Steve Clemons notes, Mike Huckabee, who backed greater engagement with Cuba when he was governor of Arkansas, now says he wants to put more pressure on Havana than the Bush administration did. ...
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