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The National Interest

The Case for American Nationalism

  • By
  • Michael Lind,
  • New America Foundation
April 22, 2014 |

War, Trade and Utopia

  • By
  • Barry C. Lynn,
  • New America Foundation
December 1, 2005 |

In the spring of 2001 Andrew Grove, the chairman of Intel, made a remarkable statement. Any conflict in or around the Taiwan Strait that resulted in a break in trade, he said, would result in the “computing equivalent of Mutually Assured Destruction.” The implication, at least for the vitally important electronics industry, was that the production systems of the United States and China had become entirely in- tertwined and interdependent. equally remarkable is how little attention this statement, by one of the world’s most well-known industrialists, has received in the four years since.

Cutting Iran Down to Size

  • By
  • Afshin Molavi,
  • New America Foundation
May 25, 2011 |

Ask an average Iranian what they think of Britain and the British and the responses will vary from cunning to cutthroat to clever. As a journalist based in Iran several years ago, I would often hear middle class Iranians rail against the British in one breath, and in the next breath, describe them as strategic masters controlling the world and goading, Rasputin-like, their overmuscled, impressionable “American friend” into wars and quagmires.

Bin Laden and the Theater of Terrorism | The National Interest

May 13, 2011

A perceptive al-Qaeda watcher, Peter Bergen, points out, “the burial of bin Ladenism had been a decade in the making.” Hamas or Hezbollah look positively Jeffersonian by comparison. Bergen notes that, like the leaders of many extremist cults, ...

U.S. Encroachment Infuriates, Radicalizes Pakistanis | The National Interest

May 4, 2011

There have been two hundred thirty-four drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004, which have killed between 1439 and 2290 suspected terrorists, according to a New America Foundation study. By stirring up Pashtun nationalism, the drones are doing ...

Hugo Chavez Gets a Twitter Account | The National Interest

April 19, 2011

... As Evgeny Morozov, the author of the remarkable book The Net Delusion, reminds us, though, the devil is always in the details. Does “Internet freedom” mean absolute freedom for the commercial interests of the corporate behemoths that now control some of the world’s most prominent online social media? ...

Samantha and Her Subjects | The National Interest

April 19, 2011

Then, as the insurgency developed, the alliance melted away. A notable defector was Peter Beinart, who first wrote a book calling for a nationalistic Democratic Party, then issued a second one taking it all back.

The End of Nonproliferation | The National Interest

April 1, 2011

Flynt Leverett, who served in the Bush State Department, said “The lesson is incontrovertible: to persuade a rogue regime to get out of the terrorism business and give up its weapons of mass destruction, we must not only apply pressure but also make ...


America Builds Pashtunistan | The National Interest

February 28, 2011

Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation told the Post that 94 percent of those killed are lower-level militants. The number of drone strikes in 2010 rose to 118, each costing $1 million. This $118 million should have been spent instead on economic ...

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