Does Norway Hold Key to Solving South China Sea Dispute?

  • By
  • Parag Khanna,
  • New America Foundation
  • and John Gilman
November 13, 2012 |

The South China Sea has returned to the geopolitical spotlight, eclipsing the Taiwan Straits as the region's most volatile flashpoint.

But quite unlike the Taiwan or the associated Quemoy/Matsu dispute, the South China Sea's claimant nations are at least as interested in developing the region's economic potential as they are in asserting sovereignty and building military bases.

This opens a window to resolving the dispute in a way that looks beyond the traditional frame of sovereignty and towards a win-win economic benefit.

The New Silk Road is Made of Iron-And Stretches from Scotland to Singapore

  • By
  • Parag Khanna,
  • New America Foundation
September 30, 2012 |

At some point in the next 200 million years, according to Yale University scientists, the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates will collide at the North Pole. When they are eventually joined by Africa, the singular super-continent will re-emerge, reminiscent of the Pangea that existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

The New World

  • By
  • Parag Khanna,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Frank Jacobs
September 22, 2012 |

It has been just over 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the last great additions to the world’s list of independent nations. As Russia’s satellite republics staggered onto the global stage, one could be forgiven for thinking that this was it: the end of history, the final major release of static energy in a system now moving very close to equilibrium. A few have joined the club since — Eritrea, East Timor, the former Yugoslavian states, among others — but by the beginning of the 21st century, the world map seemed pretty much complete.

The Rise of Europe's Private Internet Police

  • By
  • Rebecca MacKinnon,
  • New America Foundation
May 16, 2012 |

In 2005, Peter Mahnke, a resident of the English town of St. Margaret's, Middlesex, set up a community website. For the past seven years, he and a handful of local volunteers have been publishing regular updates about local events, parks, new businesses, weather, and train schedules. All G-rated and uncontroversial.

America’s Emerging Growth Story

  • By
  • Sherle R. Schwenninger,
  • Samuel Sherraden,
  • New America Foundation
July 19, 2012


I.  Overview
II.  The Story Begins with Oil & Gas
III.  Job Creation and Investment
IV.  The Catalyst for a Manufacturing Revival
V.  The Rise of New Industries
VI.  Shoring up America’s Fiscal Position
VII.  Infrastructure Investment is the Missing Piece of the Story
VIII.  Serious Obstacles Remain

Europocalypse Explained

June 15, 2012

Europe's fiscal future is looking bleaker by the day. This weekend, the G-20 will convene in Mexico to determine how to avoid a possible global market meltdown spurred by European bank debt and default. In this podcast, two members of New America's World Economic Roundtable --Jonathan Carmel, the portfolio manager at Carmel Asset Management, and Peter Tchir, the founder of T. F. Market Advisers -- talk about the implications of the impending Spanish bank bailout, the possible consequences of this weekend's Greek election, and how the U.S.

12 Signs of the Europocalypse

  • By
  • Douglas Rediker,
  • New America Foundation
  • and David Gordon
June 12, 2012 |
Two short years ago, if anyone had suggested that we would be considering pan-European bank regulation, cross-border deposit guarantees, joint and several Eurobonds, and the very survival of the common currency, they would have been dismissed as nothing short of crazy. But what was unthinkable then appears to be verging on the inevitable now.

Achtung Baby: Germany Is Riskier than You Think

June 5, 2012

This presentation is posted with permission from World Economic Roundtable members from Carmel Asset Management.

Why a Grexit Would Make Lehman Look Like Childs Play

June 5, 2012

This post originally appeared at TF Market Advisors.

by Peter Tchir

EU Diplomacy on Israel/Palestine Shifts Up a Gear

  • By
  • Daniel Levy,
  • New America Foundation
June 4, 2012 |

Few issues of diplomatic conversation today have quite the same ability to generate a rolling of the eyes and turning of the page as the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Stuck is an understatement.

Israel’s government argues with its Supreme Court over re-locating a few dozen families from an illegal outpost to an illegal settlement, ignoring the bigger picture, whereby one in ten Jewish Israelis now reside in the Occupied Palestinian territories.

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