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Lessons of Norway Attacks

  • By
  • Brian Fishman,
  • New America Foundation
July 23, 2011 |

Terror came home to Norway on Friday. A bomb was detonated near the prime minister's office in Oslo and a gunman attacked a political youth camp on the island of Utoya. In the end, at least 87 people were killed, a nation was traumatized, and the world was again riveted by a terrorist attack experienced indirectly, but in real time, on television news reports and in 140 character bits via Twitter.

Grand Strategy and Power Transitions: What We Can Learn from Great Britain

  • By Charles A. Kupchan, Georgetown University and Council on Foreign Relations
July 12, 2011

This essay draws lessons for great-power grand strategy from the history of Great Britain and its effort to manage the hegemonic power transitions that spawned World War I and World War II. It focuses on two main issues. The first is the diplomacy of managing power transitions. At the turn of the twentieth century, Britain faced a rapidly changing strategic landscape. London had to deal with the simultaneous rise of three major powers – the United States, Germany, and Japan.

Letter from Brussels: Europe Opens the Door to California and Its Initiative Biz

July 6, 2011

(Originally published at Fox & Hounds Daily)
Dear Californians, and especially those Californians who play in the initiative process,

You might want to plan a working vacation to Europe soon.

I'm spending the week in Brussels, visiting European Union institutions and talking with people here about a new, EU-wide initiative process that will launch in April 2012.

No Apologies Over DSK

  • By
  • Peter Beinart,
  • New America Foundation
July 5, 2011 |

All of a sudden, we're supposed to beat our Yankee breasts over the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. We're supposed to apologize for our litigious, prudish ways. First, we embarrassed ourselves before the French on Iraq. Now we've embarrassed ourselves on DSK.

I don't buy it. To the contrary, whether or not DSK goes free, his case reflects well on American justice. We can hold our heads high.

Northern Star

  • By
  • Parag Khanna,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Ayesha Khanna, director, Hybrid Reality Institute
June 24, 2011 |

Call it recycling opportunity. After their failed bid to host the 2004 Summer Olympics, Stockholm city leaders decided to turn a would-be sports village in the Hammarby Sjostad district into one of the world's most successful eco-villages. The practices of powering buses with biogas, recycling rainwater for irrigation and using organic waste for fertilizer spread to other districts of Sweden's largest city. Today the city's water is so clean that fishermen actually stand on bridges in the central business district, catching fresh salmon and trout.

Syrians Flee to Turkey, Telling of Gunmen Attacking Protesters

  • By
  • Katherine Zoepf,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Sebnem Arsu, The New York Times
June 9, 2011 |

As reports mount of defections in the Syrian military and the government staggers from the killing of soldiers and police officers in a northern city this week, President Bashar al-Assad may turn increasingly to his brother, Maher, whose elite units in a demoralized army could prove decisive to his government's survival, activists and analysts say.

Anticipating Crackdown, More Syrians Flee to Turkey

  • By
  • Katherine Zoepf,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Sebnem Arsu, The New York Times
June 9, 2011 |

KARBEYAZ, Turkey — Hundreds more Syrians fled into Turkey on Thursday, anticipating a widening crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators in the country's northwest, which has become the new focus of weeks of protests against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The new influx across their border prompted Turkish authorities to set up a second refugee camp, while they reassured frightened Syrians that they would keep the border open and called once again on the Syrian government to allow peaceful demonstrations and to carry out reforms.

No More Rabbits in the Hat

June 9, 2011

-- This is a guest post by Jay Pelosky, Principal, J2Z Advisory, LLC --


The Raw Truth About the US-UK 'Special Relationship'

  • By
  • Steven Clemons,
  • New America Foundation
May 23, 2011 |

During the tough-fought Democratic presidential primary between then-senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, at a wry moment during a televised debate, Clinton called Obama "very likeable" and he responded with the sterile retort, "you're likeable enough".

Michele Wucker Guest Hosts CNBC, Speaks About Debt Restructuring

May 23, 2011

Michele Wucker, president of the World Policy Institute and co-sponsor of the World Economic Roundtable, guest hosted Worldwide Exchange this morning and spoke about her recent paper advocating for a voluntary debt restructuring in Europe.

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